Lubawa Group
Lubawa Capital Group is a manufacturing and service group which involves dynamically developing companies, including Lubawa S.A. – a WSE-listed parent company. The core business of the Group is the production, processing and sale of woven and knitted fabrics, which are offered to both public and business customers. The sale of goods and services is carried out at each stage of the processing of the woven and knitted fabrics – from raw material to a technologically-advanced final product.
Close cooperation between the subsidiaries allowed the manufacturing plants to produce products that are applied in multiple industries – from the advertising industry through the automotive or medical industry to the military industry.
The companies that compose the Lubawa Capital Group offer, among others, parasols and promotional products, caravan awnings, technical and decorative fabrics, tents, as well as specialised products and equipment for the uniformed services and the occupational health and safety services.

An international identity of the Lubawa Capital Group is not limited simply to its presence in many world markets. Thanks to experience of the individual companies, we provide goods and services of the highest quality, also on the local market. Each of the companies belonging to the Group enjoys a strong market position or the title of a leader in the sector that it supplies.
The competitive advantage of the related companies is influenced by the close cooperation, which makes it possible to use the potential of the Group and perform the entire cycle of the production of multiple products within the Group.
Woven and knitted fabrics are also printed inside the group, so that the use of third-party services is not necessary. Experienced professionals and an on-going cooperation with the research and scientific institutions is what allows us to improve our products and enhance our offer day by day. Advanced technical facilities constitute another strong advantage, which allows us to continuously implement innovative solutions and enhance the offer. The Group is able to quickly respond to the needs of the market, and it has the potential to effectively expand the business to other industries.